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 Accurate Model T Timer

This is the latest modern type T Timer, all parts are new & CNC machined, including the housing. The original Ford roller has been replaced with a Carbon Composite  Brush. This light weight housing & brush assembly eliminates the bouncing & skipping commonly seen with the original roller assembly causing the engine to run uneven.


You will have consistent timing on each cylinder making for a smoother & reliable performance.


We have reports from our customers that they have run the timer for 3000 miles without a problem & the engine runs smoother than it ever did.


Brush life is expected to be at least 5000 miles with the occasional inspection to remove any carbon dust.


Price $80.00 

Replacement Carbon Composite Brush.

 1/4" x 3/8" Brush $12.00 (Early Design)

 1/4" diam Round Brush $18.00 (This is the current design)


Plus shipping.



The Accurate Model T timer

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